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Cyber Resilience in 2021: Which Techniques Truly Protect the Health of the Organization?

December 8, 2021 Leave a comment DRI Admin

A new report surveyed security and privacy professionals across 27 markets to see which steps taken this year best defended their organizations against an ever-evolving cyber risk landscape.

“Security Outcomes Study Vol. 2” from Cisco surveyed more than 5,100 professionals, who responded with their approaches to threat detection, response, and resilience. The previous year’s report identified five practices that influenced the health of the organization:

  • Proactively refreshing outdated technology
  • Well-integrated security technologies
  • Timely incident response
  • Prompt disaster recovery, and
  • Investing in accurate threat detection capabilities.

In considering why those practices have been so effective, the new report spotted some new key findings:

Updating and integrating architecture – modern IT contributes to program success more than any other security control, and newer, cloud-based architectures are easier to refresh to keep pace

Detecting and responding to threats – Security programs built on strong teams and processes see a 3.5X performance boost – particularly internal teams, which can respond more quickly

Staying resilient during a disaster – Organizations with board-level oversight of BCM/disaster recovery are 11% more likely to report having strong programs and resilience as long as they cover at least 80% of critical systems (and test their plans regularly).

Click here to read the complete report.

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