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2022 Predictions: Will Climate Change Become an Area of Conflict?

January 10, 2022 Leave a comment DRI Admin

The DRI International Future Vision Committee has released its 7th Annual Predictions Report, looking ahead to 2022 and its impact on the resilience community. Download the complete report free from the DRI Library, and read on for a prediction on the possible polarization of climate change.

Prediction 1: Climate change will increase polarization between generations, industries, and geographical regions

Media and social media pressure in developed countries will force world leaders to make carbon reduction commitments but action will remain challenging. Climate change will become a major area of conflict with markedly different opinions about the practicality and affordability of suggested solutions. This tension will divide political philosophies (liberal/ conservative), industries (green innovation/traditional technology) and regions (developed/developing). Younger generations are likely to be more open to the changes to lifestyle that are being demanded.

There will probably be some benefits from COP26 in terms of agreements on methane and deforestation with some important commitments on fossil fuel reduction. Despite these positive initiatives, the geopolitical power struggles will negate much of what has been debated but not agreed – and even probably some of that has been agreed.

However, new green technology will continue to advance, both in the development of battery and hydrogen powered vehicles. Ford, Mercedes, Volvo and GM are phasing out all diesel and gas engines by 2035 in all leading markets. We can also expect to hear more announcements for improving electric vehicle infrastructure which is currently often a disincentive for individual and fleet purchasers.

Join us for DRI2022 in Las Vegas Feb. 13-16, 2022, where Future Vision Committee Chair Lyndon Bird will lead an interactive session where participants will have the opportunity to vote on a number of the key issues which have emerged from the reports. Bird will respond to voting as it happens, providing instant feedback and opinion. Please come to this session ready to participate, debate, and even argue if you wish. Challenging and controversial opinions are welcome.

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