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2022 Predictions: Will COVID-19 Vaccination Rates Improve?

January 20, 2022 Leave a comment DRI Admin

The DRI International Future Vision Committee has released its 7th Annual Predictions Report, looking ahead to 2022 and its impact on the resilience community. Download the complete report free from the DRI Library, and read on for a prediction about the continuing pandemic spread.

Prediction 9: Vaccination take-up on a global basis will be slower than needed

The pandemic is not yet under control, in large part because of lower than required levels of vaccination. Relatively high numbers of cases of Covid will continue in developed countries during the first part of 2022, with significant pressure on health systems. This is due to a combination of factors including insufficient access to vaccine and vaccination centers, uneven distribution of vaccines globally and low take-up where fears of vaccine safety is prevalent. As a result of these challenges, the pandemic will continue to have significant impact in developing countries for at least two more years and probably longer.

Anti-vaxers and opportunistic politically motivated groups will cause unrest in some European countries. Opposition to vaccine passports or stricter control measures on the unvaccinated will increase. Despite protests, many governments will try to institutionalize some of the emergency measures they have taken during the crisis. It is doubtful that this will be successful as public opinion moves away from further compulsory measures.

Much of the negativity towards vaccination has been generated through social media channels, conspiracy theories, and fake news. This has highlighted the damage that unrestricted social media can do and is an important lesson moving forward. Once social media is mobilized, almost any idea can gain credence and popularity – as is the case with the anti-vax movement.

Join us for DRI2022 in Las Vegas Feb. 13-16, 2022, where Future Vision Committee Chair Lyndon Bird will lead an interactive session where participants will have the opportunity to vote on a number of the key issues which have emerged from the reports. Bird will respond to voting as it happens, providing instant feedback and opinion. Please come to this session ready to participate, debate, and even argue if you wish. Challenging and controversial opinions are welcome.

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