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DRI Board’s Morganti Wins Honor Roll Award

February 17, 2022 Leave a comment DRI Admin

Mike Morganti, the longest serving member of the DRI International board of directors, is this year’s recipient of the board’s Honor Roll Award. The award was presented by DRI Board Chairman Al Berman at the 2022 DRI Awards of Excellence Gala, held at the DRI2022 conference in Las Vegas this week.

The award was created to honor individuals who have: demonstrated exceptional service to DRI International and materially contributed to the growth and reputation of DRI, made a significant and lasting impact on the field of business continuity, disaster recovery or a closely related risk-management field through their professional accomplishments, earned the respect and admiration of their professional colleagues, and served the profession over an extended period of time.

Morganti, MBCP, CBCLA, received his CBCP certification in 1994 and his MBCP in 2000. He has served as Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary during his tenure on the board. He has helped build a link to such organizations as RIMS and ACP helping DRI expand its reach. Additionally, he has represented DRI on the NFPA 1600 technical committee and conducted numerous speeches on behalf of DRI.

He also has served as a member of the education committee and spent a year in the field reviewing instructor performance and the materials. His recommendations resulted in an overhaul of the education process, that now makes our program the best in our profession.

“Summing up Mike’s total contribution to DRI would take a considerable amount of additional space and time,” says Berman. “Suffice it to say that his contributions, dedication and sacrifice has been a major contributing factor to the success and prominence that DRI International enjoys today.”

“On a personal note,” Berman continues, “Mike is a friend and a sounding board for ideas and problem resolution. His experience and understanding of DRI has provided insight to how DRI can do better, and I will always value his counsel.”

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