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Cybersecurity Roundup: The Worst Breaches of the Year…So Far

July 7, 2022 Leave a comment DRI Admin

Six months into the year, cyberattacks of all kinds have exposed vulnerabilities, cost money and instigated unrest. The biggest hacks and breaches can provide a road map for cybersecurity planning through the rest of 2022.

Wired has collected the worst hacks and breaches of 2022 so far. Among the highlights:

Russia/Ukraine Hacking – Russia’s digital attacks against Ukraine have caused blackouts, stolen data and released malware that has impacted not just the country but the world. Since the beginning of the Ukraine invasion in February, Russia has upgraded its game, with disruptive hacks, malware and DDoS attacks. But in turn, Ukraine has launched its own hacks against Russia, creating unprecedented data breaches and service disruptions.

Lapsus$ Group – This digital extortion gang first popped up in December, stealing source code and other data from major companies including Samsung, Ubisoft and Nvidia, coming to a head in March with its announcement that it had breached Microsoft Bing and Cortana source code.

Conti – Beginning in April, this Russian cybercrime gang targeted Costa Rica, freezing its Ministry of Finance, causing tens of millions of dollars in daily losses. As a result, Cost a Rica declared a national emergency – the first country to do so because of a ransomware attack.

Healthcare Data theft – Healthcare providers have been an increasingly valuable target for ransomware tactics, a trend that has continued throughout 2022. In March, Shields Health Care Group was hit with a data breach that impacted about 2 million US residents, including stolen names, social security numbers, birthday and much more.

This is just the tip of the iceberg – click here to read more.

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