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The Threat of Cyber Attacks is Taking a Serious Psychological Toll on Security Professionals

November 10, 2022 Leave a comment DRI Admin

Are you confident your BCM strategies can withstand a successful cyber attack? If you’re concerned about your organization’s capabilities, you’re far from alone, according the new research.

A Wakefield Research study based on responses from 1,600 security and IT leaders worldwide found that 92% are concerned they will be unable to maintain business continuity if they experience a cyber attack, while only 5% said they were able to return to normal operations within one hour of discovering an attack. And it’s not for lack of experience – on average those surveyed faced 47 attacks in that timeframe, or nearly one cyber attack per week.

This lack of faith may be coming from the top down – one third of respondents believe their board has “little to no confidence” in their organization’s ability to recover critical data after an attack. As a result, 76% said their organization is likely to consider paying a ransom.

Most troubling is the human toll this cybersecurity stress is taking. 96% said they’ve experienced significant emotional or psychological consequences following an attack, including worries over job security and trust among colleagues.

Want to take extra steps to get your cybersecurity and BCM strategies on equal footing? Register for DRI’s Cyber Resilience course. You’ll discover how business continuity and cybersecurity must integrate within every organization, using the five elements of cyber resilience: prepare/identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover. These concepts and the resulting action plans will help to develop a strategy to effectively respond to unforeseen events and get your organization back up and running as quickly as possible.

And if you sense that the stress is taking a toll on your team, sign up for our one-day workshop on Managing BC Team Burnout.

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