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Are Your Supply Chain Anxieties Inviting Cybersecurity Threats?

March 30, 2023 Leave a comment DRI Admin

Transportation companies – and the logistics and risk issues accompanying them – are in constant discussion in the business world. That’s why they’ve also become overwhelmingly common parts of phishing scams.

A recent survey found that shipping and logistics is the fourth most-likely industry to be used in phishing attempts, with several major brands within the top 50:

Company / Rank:

  • DHL – 4
  • Swiss Post – 14
  • InPost – 38
  • Correos – 39
  • FedEx – 40
  • United States Postal Service – 42
  • Deithscher Paketdienst – 45

Shipping brands are particularly effective lures because they’re often tied with users’ experiences with taking quick action to correct problems when contacted by these companies, leaving them little time to spot red flags.

Supply chain challenges are showing no signs of letting up, nor are cyberattacks. This trend is a great example of the subtlety of phishing attacks employees need to be on the lookout for – before “DHL” sends them an “urgent request.”

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