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Is Skyrocketing Stress the Next Resilience Threat?

June 20, 2023 Leave a comment DRI Admin

It’s no surprise that the past few years have been taxing for the global workforce. But according to the latest Gallup polls, those stress levels aren’t going down anytime soon – and it could take a major toll on companies’ resilience capabilities.

The annual Gallup State of the Global Workplace surveyed thousands of employees in more than 160 countries to get the latest sense of employee engagement, including their levels of workplace-related stress and anger. In the past 5 years, when asked if they had experienced a lot of stress the previous day, respondents who said yes rose from 37% to 44% – where it held steady for this year’s report.

East Asia, the U.S. and Canada tied for the highest levels of stress. In East Asia, young workers and remote workers ranked highest in the world at 60% and 61% respectively.

Pandemic-related lockdowns, global inflation and family health issues may all be external stressors. But engagement levels at work make a direct impact. The percentage of employees who felt a high amount of stress the previous day was at 30% when they felt engaged, as opposed to 56% when disengaged.

This appears to be a higher factor than where workers are located. Those who reported higher stress levels also reporting active disengagement regardless of whether they were fully remote, hybrid or onsite.

Employees who aren’t engaged in their work tend to hurt resilience efforts, whether it’s ignoring cybersecurity practices, general safety or their own health and wellbeing. The report recommends leadership:

  • Engage employees who haven’t found ways to take ownership of their work
  • Understand what they need and provide support for it, and
  • Find ways to motivate and inspire the “quiet quitters” to take a more active role in their work.

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