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NEW Features for DRI Digital Badge holders

September 15, 2023 Leave a comment DRI Admin

If you hold a DRI digital badge, then you can now showcase your skills and achievements even more easily within your Credly (formerly Acclaim) earner platform. Here are some of the highlights:

You can now create and customize your own profile page, where you can display your badges, bio, social media links, and more. This is a great way to share your credentials with potential employers, clients, or collaborators.

You can also access and manage your badges from any device. Whether you are on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you can always view, share, and download your badges with a few clicks.

– You can also explore new learning opportunities and earn more badges from a network of trusted issuers. You can browse by category, industry, or skill level, and find courses, webinars, workshops, and other resources that match your interests and goals.

– Finally, you can also connect with other DRI badge earners and join communities around topics that matter to you. You can exchange ideas, feedback, and opportunities with peers who share your passions and areas of expertise.

These are just some of the new features that Credly has added to their earner platform to help you make the most of your DRI digital badges. If you hold a DRI certification and are in good standing, claim your digital badge today and start customizing your profile! To learn more about DRI’s digital badge program, find out more here.

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