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DRI2024 Session Spotlight: This is…DRI Jeopardy!

February 20, 2024 Leave a comment DRI Admin

Here’s your chance to be a Jeopardy Champion…DRI Jeopardy that is! Co-hosted by DRI Board Members Mike Janko and Jerome Ryan, DRI2024 attendees will test their knowledge of all things business continuity in pursuit of the title “DRI Jeopardy Champion” and the grand prize!

In this Q&A, our hosts talk about the origins of the game, this year’s prizes, and how DRI2024 attendees can become contestants.

Take us back to just before DRI2023 – what made you want to get together and do a session like this in the first place?

You need to be engaged in many things to be operationally resilient, including having a knowledge of Saturday Night Live.  We are both fans of SNL Jeopardy from many years ago.  We used to share some one-liners from the show and that led to the discussion of, why we don’t have our Certified Professionals be on a game show that showcases their knowledge? We received a lot of support from DRI management and the Board, so decided to proceed with our initial show last year.

What was the overall response, that made you want to come back again for this year?

Many of the conference attendees came to us and said they thought it was one of the main highlights of the conference and they wanted to be contestants in NOLA.  We knew we were on to something special.

What kind of topics are you covering this year?

We will focus on 6 key categories to test our contestants’ knowledge:

  • Do You Know NOLA
  • Impact of Pop Culture
  • DRI and BCP
  • Events and Crises of 2023
  • DRI Foundation
  • DRI Sponsors

How hard will it be – will contestants have to be MBCP levels to have a chance?

Any of our Certified Professionals can do quite well this year. A couple hints we are providing include: check out DRI’s website, and be familiar with how the certification process works. Also, talk to Bonnie Canal, our resident NOLA ambassador and knowledge content expert. She won’t give you answers, but may point you in the right direction on the NOLA category.

What prizes will contestants be playing for?

A conference pass for DRI2025 is the top prize. The second place  contestant will have one year of certification renewal fees waived (up to $250). And the third place prize is $200 of DRI Foundation raffle tickets that can be used at the DRI Foundation booth.

How does one volunteer to become a contestant?

Once you show up at the conference and register, complete the form at the registration desk. It’s that simple. We will pick three main contestants and three alternates in case the main contestants do not appear Monday afternoon. And of course if you’d like to get your name in early, you can always send a request to

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