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Ticketmaster Breach May Have Exposed Millions of Users’ Data

June 5, 2024 Leave a comment DRI Admin

In a year where the company is already under fire from the U.S. Department of Justice and summer concert goers balking at high prices, news of a massive data breach is yet another black eye for Ticketmaster.

Live Nation Entertainment, Ticketmaster’s parent company, disclosed a breach of its database to the Securities and Exchange Commission, following claims from a cybercrime ring known as ShinyHunters that it had stolen the personal information of 560 million customers. The disclosure came a full week after the initial discovery of unauthorized activity.

ShinyHunters claimed in a dark web post that it was selling 1.3TB of stolen customer data, including names, addresses, emails and phone numbers, the last four digits of card numbers, and expiry dates. If true, this could rank as one of the largest data breaches in history.

How did the criminals access this data? According to LiveNation, they attacked Snowflake, the third-party cloud storage firm that holds Ticketmaster’s database, by targeting an employee’s account with stolen credentials that allowed them access.

Snowflake has a different take on the breach, saying that specific customer accounts had been targeted as part of “ongoing industry-wide, identity-based attacks,” and that it did not represent a specific vulnerability within its platform.

Whatever the cause, the effect is the exposure of hundreds of millions of customers’ personal information. This adds to an already difficult year for the ticket seller. The Department of Justice recently filed a federal lawsuit attempting to break up what it sees as a monopoly, while many performers are changing or canceling their touring plans over an inability to sell tickets that have been priced well outside customers’ budgets.

As this story unfolds, it is another reminder of how vital cyber resilience is for your organization – one attack could have devastating, long-lasting effects. Learn more about how you can protect your company with DRI’s Cyber Resilience courses, available online and in-person throughout the year.

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