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Severe Storms Cover the Globe, Bringing Flooding, Devastation, and Death

June 15, 2018 Leave a comment DRI Admin

The U.S. and Canada dealt with four separate severe weather outbreaks through May, including wind, hail, and flash floods, while heavy seasonal rains poured over parts of Asia and Africa, according to the latest recap of global weather catastrophes.

The severe storms in the U.S. mostly damaged the eastern 2/3 of the country, from the Rockies to the Mid-Atlantic, causing at least an estimated $2.3 billion in damages. This includes Ellicott City, MD, the subject of DRI’s recent webinar on developing public-private partnerships to recover from disaster. This is the second major flood for the region in less than two years. Ontario and Quebec suffered through $325 million in storm damage – most of which occurred in Ontario, making it the costliest recovery since 2013.

On a more positive note, fewer than 450 tornadoes have been reported for the season in the U.S., making 2018 one of the lowest years going back to 1950.

Heavy rainfall led to flooding and landslides in China, where 75,000 homes along the Yangtze River Basin were damaged. Flooding in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, and Somalia due to flooding has risen to 400, and more than a million people have been affected by ruined infrastructure.

In Somalia and Oman, two rare tropical cyclones made landfall within days of each other. Moving at 60 mph, Tropical Cyclone Sagar is now the strongest storm ever recorded to strike Somalia, while Cyclone Mekunu arrived in Oman as a Category 4 storm with winds up to 115 mph.

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