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DRI Leadership Perspectives: Lyndon Bird at the 3rd Annual South African Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Conference

August 8, 2018 Leave a comment DRI Admin

Lyndon Bird, Chief Knowledge Officer for DRI International recently visited South Africa to chair and speak at the 3rd Annual South African Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Conference organized by Spectacular Training & Conferences.

I have been visiting South Africa periodically since 1990. Then Nelson Mandela had just been released from prison and there was no certainty of what the future might bring for the country or the wider region. On that first visit I was speaking about disaster recovery to an IT audience, drawn mainly from international firms, large banks and global consultancies. Over the next 27 years, I have had the good fortune to see at first-hand how the country has changed.

However, given the massive political, social and economic changes that took place in the 1990’s, it was perhaps not surprising that the emergence of the relatively new discipline of business continuity was not high on the government or commercial agenda. In fact, in many ways it stalled; the large corporations with overseas connections continued to do ITDR well and added some new aspects such as Work Area Recovery – but there was no wide-scale take-up of the wider concepts of continuity and resilience.

This is now starting to change rapidly as government and the public sector are taking it very seriously at last. This has also increased the academic interest in the subject, leading to higher-profile events and conferences. There is a real need for international certification here and DRI International have exactly the tools needed to turn the practical skills many already have into a proper professional qualification, which is respected globally.

The organizers said “We are delighted that Lyndon Bird was again able to come to South Africa to chair and speak at this year’s event. Lyndon helped us launch the first conference in 2016 and interest has grown considerably since then. Lyndon is well-known in South Africa and we are always honoured to hear his views on current trends and future prospects. Working with the DRI International, he is ideally positioned to help us develop the resilience profession in South Africa. We thank him and the DRI for their ongoing encouragement and guidance. “

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