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IoT Alert: Your Roomba is Sending Out Maps of Your Facility

July 27, 2017 Leave a comment dridrive

robotic vacuum cleaner on laminate wood floor smart cleaning technologyCyber risks from the Internet of Things can come from some surprising places. The latest potential threat: your trusty Roomba may be sending out information on your floor plans while it’s sweeping up.

The 900 series of Roomba vacuum has a “Clean Map Report” feature, which teaches it how to improve its movements by telling you how well did on its most recent sweep. The catch: it shares this report with the iRobot headquarters, meaning if you opted into the feature, you’re inadvertently allowing iRobot to learn the details of your home.

That’s not great from a cybersecurity perspective to start with, but it could potentially get worse. iRobot CEO Colin Angle told Reuters that the company could reach a deal to sell its maps to one or more of the Big Three – Amazon, Google, and Apple – in the next couple of years.

The company has responded to these reports, “iRobot has not formed any plans to sell data … No data will be shared with third-parties without the informed consent of our customers. If a customer had already signed up/opted in, iRobot will delete the data from our servers if a customer requests it. This is retroactive.”

This isn’t iRobot’s finest hour, but it could actually be worse — it could be another “pooptastrophe,” aka, that time a user shared the unfortunate experience of his vacuum tracking dog poop throughout the house.

Still, it’s a good reminder to have a strategy in place for the IoT in your organization: pay attention to its settings, and make sure you’re not automatically signed into anything that could compromise your security.

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