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MBCP: Real Benefits for Accomplished Continuity Professionals

November 30, 2017 Leave a comment DRI Admin

In a profession full of acronyms, MBCP needs no explanation. These four letters instantly convey that the holder of this world-renowned certification is a Master Business Continuity Professional with proven knowledge and experience. The benefits of being an MBCP are real, and the process to become an MBCP is clear and straightforward. If you have at least five years of industry experience, find out if you too can be part of this elite group here. There’s no better time than right now to make your MBCP dream a reality.

Why become an MBCP? While the benefits are numerous, here are a few for you to consider:

Higher Compensation – According to surveys of those in our profession, MBCPs consistently out earn their counterparts. While every continuity professional is committed to the greater good, earning power also is important. Having an MBCP can help you make the case for increased compensation.

A Community of Excellence – Being an MBCP brings with it membership in another elite group, The Order of the Sword and Shield National Honor Society (OSSNHS),the first and only academic and professional honor society dedicated exclusively to homeland security, intelligence, emergency management, and all protective security disciplines. Earn your MBCP by January 31, 2018 and be inducted into the OSSNHS at a special ceremony to be held at DRI2018 in Nashville on February 14.

Career Advancement – MBCPs are sought after by recruiters and employers, as well as internal HR departments. Put yourself on a career path to advancement.

Proof of Expertise – Earning an MBCP is not easy. That’s why it’s so well-respected and serves as proof that you are truly a master in your field. Let your MBCP speak for you.

And let MBCPs speak to you, with these compelling success stories and testimonials:

“The MBCP certification is both highly respected and widely recognized within the field of business continuity management. Having this certification allows me to demonstrate my experience and knowledge to my organization, as well as to our customers. Now more than ever, organizations need to know that business continuity is being taken seriously, and having an MBCP on staff allows us to do just that.”

“I am extremely proud of having earned my MBCP.  The community I am part of at DRI has been very helpful when it comes to discussing issues encountered and options available to resolve them in an effective and efficient manner. The information sharing is key to much of what I have been able to accomplish.  Having my MBCP has also opened many doors for me when it comes to interfacing with both private and public entities.  It has been easier to get involved and input to many activities at all levels…My original CBCP showed I was knowledgeable, but my MBCP shows just how serious I was and demonstrated I know what I am talking about.”

“Having an MBCP certification has opened some influential doors for me to walk into various organizations and have the credibility to be listened to and make recommend changes to fledgling or non-existent business continuity programs.  Seeing the MBCP acronym behind my name tells employers and other organizations that I might consult for that I am a professional with more than just a paper certification. The employers and organizations can have assurance that when I begin a work in business continuity for them, that I bring years of practical experience from real disasters, leading activated teams, and running business continuity programs. They also will receive the kind of business continuity capability, as a result of my work, that is necessary for their business model and that is easily aligned with industry best practices.”

“Having the MBCP certification has motivated me to push myself outside of my business continuity box, if you will.  I’ve partnered with other organizations to leverage business continuity principles and practices to improve standard business operations and practices, like project management, risk management, and supply chain sourcing.  I’ve also ventured into the speaking arena to share my knowledge, train others, and learn from other professionals in business continuity.”

“Having a master certification is important to me partially because I don’t have a college degree, and the cert provides credibility.  I am in the process of applying for a promotion and I believe having this certification is very relevant.  When I obtained it, I received recognition from our Sr. VP.”

“The MBCP certification is the highest certification available through DRI.  Organizations respect this certification level as they know the person holding it has ‘applied knowledge’ in a wide range of professional practices. Both industry professionals and non-industry professionals I meet instantly know my level of understanding in our profession is extensive.  And it isn’t because I’ve read a book – it is because I apply my knowledge every single day.”

“Holding DRI’s most valued certification is an honor.  When I see this certification after my name, it brings me personal pride as I am reminded of all I have learned – and applied – to hold this certification.  And, it also reinforces my personal commitment to ensure I exceed the number of CEAPs required to continue to hold the MBCP certification.  My personal goal is to provide continual mentorship to new industry professionals.”

“Having the MBCP is something that anyone in our industry should be proud of. Hopefully having my MBCP is something that as a role model encourages others in our industry to work towards higher levels of certification…Certainly as a long time consultant, it is something that many clients also consider as representative of the level of experience both in the competitive process of selecting a consultant, and in promoting the expertise in the coaching and support they receive within their own organization’s BCM  and DR programs.”

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